Swift Supplements


The Elite Athlete stack was developed exclusively for my athletes so they could have the very best supplements available, gaining the edge over their competition. Together these three supplements cover the three key areas of athlete supplementation.
  1. Pre training performance enhancement
  2. Intra-training fatigue buffering, endurance and hydration
  3. Post training protein recovery
This stack contains everything you need to train, compete and recover better than any other supplement combination available today. Use before training


  • The athletes pre-workout
  • Increase power and endurance
  • Buffers fatigue
  • Non-stimulant formula
Use during training


  • Intra-Training Hydration BCAA formula
  • Optimal electrolyte and re-hydration
  • Buffers fatigue
  • Sustained release fuel
  • Improve endurance performance
  • Cognitive fatigue buffer.
Use after training


  • Athlete recovery protein
  • The most advanced post workout recovery formula
  • Recover faster from each training session
  • No fillers or cheap proteins added
  • High in added leucine peptides
  • 34g of protein per serving