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  • NeuroSpark® medication provides a completely natural source of omega-3 DHA.
  • Your brain needs sufficient dietary omega-3 DHA throughout life to function at its optimum.
  • NeuroSpark® may help reduce foggy thinking, low energy levels, anxiety, low moods and improve your wellbeing. 
  • Triple protection coating to ensure the Omega-3 fatty acid is absorbed optimally. 
  • Counters inflammation to aid recovery and reduce joint pain. 

Why has SWIFT decided to provide NeuroSpark? 

SWIFT strongly believes in providing our athletes and customers with the very best. So far this has always lead us to building our own formulations from the ground up. 

We have known for a long time that the fish oil market is terrible. Low quality, rancid, reconstituted products that use "ultra filtration" and heating treatments to "purify" the fish oil. These treatments can actually destroy the Omega-3 bonds, causing the Omega-3 to not be absorbed properly or pass the important blood brain barrier. 

When we found NeuroSpark® in our research we were so impressed with the quality and function of this fish oil supplement we absolutely had to form a partnership with the brand so we could provide it directly to you.  


What makes NeuroSpark ® unique to the flooded fish oil market? 

The market is flooded with fish oil supplements especially at huge discount retailers. Unfortunately these discount product come at a cost. The majority will promote their product as "ultra-filtrated" but at the same time state "pure". This "filtration" process from very cheap sources (synthetically made!) cause further oxidisation destroying the fatty acid bonds. These bonds are crucial to keep intact to be absorbed by the body and the via blood brain barrier.

Even more disturbing is these fish oils can actually cause inflammation, the opposite of what you want from your fish oil supplement. 

Another big problem with fish oils on the market is the encapsulation used. Without the proper encapsulation the Omega-3 fatty acids can be broken down before entering the optimal part of the digestive tract. NeuroSpark ® uses an advanced triple protection encapsulation to ensure optimal absorption.   

NeuroSpark ® is sourced from the southern Pacific Ocean and gently treated by a chilling process to ensure the double bonds are left intact for optimal absorption The oil is tested on the most sensitive instruments to ensure no heavy metals and man-made PCB’s or other contaminants are present in this pure Australian-Made supplement. 


Benefits of Omega 3 DHA  for ATHLETES! 


Studies have revealed that Omega-3s can have a tremendous impact on muscle protein synthesis, thus helping to increase muscle mass and strength. The research suggests that Omega-3s, especially EPA, can enhance protein metabolism in the body.

Furthermore, recent research has shown that Omega-3s can help to prevent muscle mass loss. This means that if you've suffered from a physical injury and need to maintain your muscle mass, adding Omega-3s to your diet is an effective way to maintain your body composition during the healing process.


Omega-3s are essential for athletes who are looking to maximise their performance. Their anti-inflammatory properties help with muscle recovery and injury prevention, improving the integrity of cells and cellular function. Studies show that supplementing with Omega-3s for just seven days can reduce post-exercise muscle damage and soreness, leading to better performance. Not only that, but Omega-3s also improve sleep quality, a key factor in the recovery process. Get the most out of your training and performance with Omega-3s!

Your Brain 

Omega-3 DHA, when able to pass the blood brain barrier can help improve learning, memory, cognition and blood flow to the brain. Brain cells with higher amounts of Omega-3 in their membranes are thought to be able to better at communicate with other cell, a crucial component of brain function. 

Brain Injury (concussions, TBI) 

A resent article published in the Journal Clinical Lipidology outlined the important role of Omega-3 DHA in recovery form brain injuries due to the neuro-protective and neuro-regenerative properties. The article concluded that supplementation with pure Omega-3's could provide a promising therapeutic approach to neurotrauma recovery.  


SWIFT is proud to be able to provide you with this amazing product. Try NeuroSpark today to feel the difference! 


“Within a few weeks of taking NeuroSpark I’ve had a definite increase in energy levels and mental alertness” – Nada

“Adding NeuroSpark to my diet gave me back my former boundless energy” – Ashlea

“A major difference I noticed was clarity of mind. It was an immediate reaction” – Angie

“My memory is improved, mind is clearer and reflexes seem faster” – Meredith

“My anxiety feelings have reduced and I feel more steady when faced with difficult situations” – Tania

“I have struggled with depression for years …I am so overjoyed with the results I have seen that I now have my whole family on NeuroSpark.” – Nancy




*Always check with your Doctor or health specialist to ensure that this product is right for you and there are no contraindications.