Swift High Performance Supplements was born from the need to provide my athletes with the best supplements available to enhance their performance and recovery.
I have worked with some of the best athletes in Australia who have travelled internationally to compete on the world stage, and through my experience it became apparent the lack of a quality product on the market. Knowing how important good supplements are for elite performance, I decided to create a range of supplements just for my own athletes and the team I was working for.
My goals were simple. To make the very best pre-training, intra-training/hydration and recovery formulas possible that contain zero banned substances listed on the WADA code while also give my athletes confidence that they had the very best, giving them an advantage over all the competition.
Once each product was perfected my athletes started to get amazing results and the word started to spread. I started to get phone calls and emails from other athletes and coaches who wanted to buy my supplements off me but each time I would have to say no as I was not set up to sell to the public.
After many requests, I decided to make the exact supplements I make for my athletes available so every athlete, coach and sports person could get access to the very best.
I would never risk my athlete’s performance or my own reputation by providing a product that wasn’t the very best so you can be sure if you use my supplements you are using the best.
I hope you enjoy my products as much as my athletes and I do.
Jarah Breese
BAppSc (Ex&SpS), MSc High Performance Science