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  • Athlete recovery protein
  • The most advanced post workout recovery formula
  • Recover faster from each training session
  • No fillers or cheap proteins added
  • High in added leucine peptides
  • 34g of protein per serving

The most advanced muscle recovery protein formula available.

ReCharge was developed by Exercise Sport Scientists using the highest quality ingredients to enhance your athletic performance. ReCharge accelerates your muscle recovery and growth so you can recovery faster from training and competition.

  • Rapid absorption
  • Contains zero banned substances
  • High in advanced leucine and BCAA peptides to promote muscle recovery and growth
  • Added colostrum and lactoferrin for increase recovery and increase immune function
  • Low in fat and carbohydrates
*$1 from every sale is donated to Beyond Blue for depression and anxiety.

Ingredient Information

Hydrolysed Whey Protein

This protein is the fastest absorbing of all protein powders. The protein is broken down into peptides which are absorbed faster than standard whey proteins. This means you can digest the protein faster and your muscle can use the protein and recover/grow faster. Studies have show that hydrolyzed whey proteins are superior for muscle recovery over other proteins and also help to increase glycogen stores in the muscle both essential for power and endurance athlete alike.

Pure Bovine Colostrum

Colostrum is found in cow and other mammals milk that is used to help new born calves rapidly grow and increase their immune function. Colostrum contains high amounts of amino acids, vitamins and immunoglobulins to accelerate recovery and increase immune function. One of the big reasons besides enhanced recovery for adding colostrum is athletes are more sustainable to catching colds and flues due to intense training. With this unique ingredient there is less chance of getting sick delaying training and recovery.

BCAA and Leucine Peptides

Studies have shown that high amounts of BCAA and Leucine increase recovery by signaling the muscle activator mTOR to repair muscle tissue. ReCharge uses the most advanced Leucine and BCAA available in peptide form which is absorbed faster. The peptide form leuince has been found to increase muscle recovery over the standard leucine.


Lactoferrin is another very useful protein for athletes that aids as an anti inflammatory and increasing immune function. Both very important for hard training athletes and sports people.


A simple enzyme to aid in the digestion of proteins for optimal protein utilisation.


Take one 40g scoop of ReCharge with water or low fat milk after training or competition.

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