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  • Relieve sore, aching muscles and cramps
  • Helps to get a deeper and more restful nights sleep
  • Advanced spray formula superior to oral formula without the stomach upset
  • Supports natural energy production
  • Developed by Australian Exercise Scientists

There’s nothing quite like MagCharge to ease your sore, cramping muscles or assit in a deep nights sleep. The powerfully soothing benefits of magnesium are well researched in the relief of muscle cramping, restoring overall energy and in promoting a good night’s sleep. This mineral-rich formula comes in a convenient topical spray for immediate absorption.

Magnesium is involved in 100s of biochemical reactions in your body including energy creation, protein formation and muscle contraction and relaxation(1,2).

Research has show magnesium supplementation can in also increase exercise performance in humans and in people with chronic disease (3,4). One 12 week study using a dermal magnesium application found an average of a 54% increase in magnesium levels. 

Use clean hands before applying and wash hands after applying this spray. 

Before using this product consult your doctor to make sure it is right for you. 



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