CHARGE Pre-training performance enhancer

SWIFT CHARGE Pre-training performance enhancer

Developed by High Performance exercise scientists, Charge increases energy, power and endurance after first serve.



HYDRACHARGE Intra-training BCAA's/hydration


HydraCharge has been formulated to increase hydration, reduce mental and muscular fatigue and increase endurance.



RE CHARGE Protein Recovery


ReCharge accelerates your muscle recovery and growth so you can recovery faster from training and competition.



Swift High Performance Supplements for Athletes

Developed by leading Exercise Scientists for high performance athletes.


Find Out Why Elite Athletes Choose Swift High Performance Supplements

“As a CrossFitter, it is incredibly important for me to find a protein that effectively replenishes and nourishes
my body after the high-intensity levels of training I do.”

“After years of trial and error I have finally found a protein that not only works for me but tastes absolutely incredible!”

“Thank you Swift High Performance Supplements for providing me with the highest quality protein that I need for this level of training.”

Ebony Campbell, Crossfit athlete and fitness fanatic
“Swift High Perforance Supplements are the only supplements that I have used where I really notice a difference in my my endurance throughout the motos and how fast I recover from training and racing.”
Todd Waters, Professional World GP Motocross Racer
“I only trust and stock Swift High Performance supplements for my athletes as I believe there is no better brand when it comes to supplements.”
Drew Griffth, Crosfit coach at Crossfit Broadbeach/CoachRx
“Faster recovery is the key to Crossfit performance and ReCharge provides the fastest! I never finish a training session without it!”
Kate Stewart, Crossfit Coach and Crossfit Games Competitor
“I’ve been using Swift High Performance Supplements for years now and they are the only brand I trust. My recovery is always so fast after a hard day of motos.”
Cheyne Boyd, Australian Masters Motocross Champion and Motocross Coach

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