Take away points

  • Stocking supplements for members doesn’t suit every gym. 
  • Recommend the best products for your clients and this will reflect well on your business. 
  • Only sell what you believe in, have a good knowledge of and have used yourself.  
  • Provide the best supplements and the client will train and recover faster resulting in better results.
  • Cheap products with large margins often equal low quality and poor results and risk your reputation.


Trainers and coaches are usually the first point of call when being asked about what supplements a client or athlete should be using to assist their training. If a trainer can recommend a high quality suitable product this will likely reflect positively on their knowledge. However, if they recommend a poor product or one that isn’t useful or even harmful to the client or athlete this will reflect negatively.

Gyms, trainers and coaches should be focused on the clients and the quality of training and education that they are providing first and foremost. Obviously, this is the bread and butter of the business and no amount of supplement sales will supersede this. However providing products that are beneficial to your members and clients can reflect well on the trainer and business.

For example. When talking to a new trainer, coach or gym about stocking different supplement brands for their members I suggest there is no point stocking anything unless they use the supplements themselves and believe the brand they are stocking is the absolute best for their clients.

I believe that stocking a cheap brand that has a larger margin reflects poorly on the gym as they clearly do not want to provide the very best for their members. On the other hand providing the very best supplements will reflect positively on the gym and help improve the client’s recovery and training so they are able to get better results and attend more training sessions.

If cheap supplements are purchased, clients are unlikely to re-purchase due to poor results and head somewhere else to buy their supplements and we all know how this ends! The client gets misinformed and convinced by the marketing spin telling them that they need pretty much every product on the shelf and the results will be out of this world. Once again they end up disappointed in the results and at the end of the day all they are left with is a lighter wallet…

One of the things I am most proud of is that almost everyone who buys my supplements have stuck with them without changing brands. I’m actually not at all surprised by this because it was my goal to only make the very best no matter what the cost.

If you are a trainer, coach or owner of a gym you can take control of your members supplementation buying habit’s buy stocking the highest quality products for them so they are less likely to be convinced by the sales and marketing nonsense of brands that only care about their bottom line and not what goes into their products. Providing the best products will improve results, will stop your clients making misinformed decisions and reflect positively on your knowledge and brand.

Give me a ring or send me an email if you are interested in knowing more about stocking the best quality products for your members. If my formulas don’t’ suit your clients I would be more than happy to recommend the most suitable brand.


Jarah Breese BAppSc (Ex&SpS) MSc High Performance Science