Do Swift High Performance products contain any WADA banned substances?

Our products are sent to a laboratory to be third party formula tested for banned substances. We source the highest quality ingredients, and can ensure they are not blended on machinery contaminated by banned substances. This is one of our highest priorities.

Do you update your products?

Yes, we are always researching and utilising feedback from our athletes and customers to make our products better. You can be assured that as soon as we find new ways of improving performance and recovery, we will be updating our product line.

Will there be more flavours coming out in your products?

Yes, however flavour is not our focus. We want the performance of our products to be our first priority, but feel we have done the best we can with the flavours we have provided. Some ingredients are difficult to cover up with most flavouring, but we figure as athletes ourselves, we are happy to put up with an OK taste for quality and performance over a lesser product that tastes amazing.

Do you read the feedback sent?

Yes! We read EVERY email you send us, and all your feedback good or bad is put into the development of our products.

Do you sponsor teams or athletes?

Yes. We are very selective of who we sponsor as we do want to build long-term relationships. If you would like to send us a resume we would be happy to read it. If you see any of our teams or athletes out racing or training please feel free to ask them about their experience using our products.

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