Take away points

  • You don’t need a heap of supplements. 
  • Nutrition first! 
  • I only make 3 because athletes don’t need anything more. 

When I first decided I would make my own custom blended supplements just for my athletes, one of my goals was to make the least amount of supplements possible for each athlete. I didn’t want my athletes having to have a heap of different ingredients all in different tubs as it is inconvenient and I only wanted them to have the very best. I see so many athletes use ingredients that are just not needed as a part of their supplement “stack” which is unfortunately due to convincing marketing.

Many brands seem to have a huge range different products. If you google “sports supplements” or “protein supplement” and click the first few brands you will find they have so many difference supplements ranging from different blends of proteins, testosterone boosters, fat burners, pre-workouts, single ingredient supplements and the list goes on and on. No matter what your sport, goal or level of training experience you do not need all these products like may brands will have you believe. You don’t need 4 different products for recovery or a night time slow-release protein or slimming protein or fat burner (FYI – no fat burners work, it’s all marketing).

The boring part is your nutrition is the most important part of your training and recovery. Once you have real food aspect nailed only then should you look to supplements to aid your training and recovery.

I could have made 20 different products, put my name to them as a Sports Scientists who works with elite athletes, say they are the best and most likely make a lot of money. However, if I did I would let down my athletes, harm my reputation and constantly feel guilty that I didn’t provide the very best products to people. I will never go down that path and that’s why I only have made 3 supplements. One for pre-training/competition, one for during training and one for recovery.

Everyone from elite athletes to the weekend warrior doesn’t need the majority of supplements that are available from brands today. Choose wisely and only buy the very best for your body!

If you have any supplement questions I would be more than happy to answer them so feel free to give me a call or send me an email.

Have a great week training!

Jarah Breese BAppSc (Ex&SpS) MSc High Performance Science