Should your gym be stocking supplements?

Take away points Stocking supplements for members doesn't suit every gym.  Recommend the best products for your clients and this will reflect well on your business.  Only sell what you believe in, have a good knowledge of and have used yourself.   Provide the best...

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My interview on the Health Bloke podcast

Last week I was interviewed on the Health Bloke podcast about my journey into Sport Science, training athletes and making supplements as well as my thoughts on the supplement industry. Have a listen and let me know what you think!...

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My favourite resources!

  These are a few of the awesome resources and blogs I regularly visit that are not as dry as reading papers from a journal.  I find they really help with my own training as well as professional development for my athletes. THE SCIENCE OF SPORT – this site has...

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The bacteria in the super athletes gut! Less fat more muscle

Over the past few years there has been substantial research interest in the types and the balance of bacteria in the gut relating to brain function. Could it be possible that our gut microbiome could affect our moods, weight or even athletic performance? Some...

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