How to be a better Beast – Spartan Racing with a Weight Vest

By Dan Crisp - Director of The Project I’m a big fan of making things challenging. It teaches me a lot about myself and my capacity. For me, Spartan Racing was not something I wanted to do, but I liked the premise and the diversity of elements. You don’t need to be...

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Digestive problems and protein supplements

Take away points. Many people feel sick and bloated after a protein shake mostly due to the low-quality protein used. Digestive problems can affect your performance and results. Look for high-quality protein sources from New Zealand. Hydrolyzed whey protein is one of...

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Anabolic Steroid Like Names Used For Supplements

Anabolic Steroid Like Names Used For Supplements   The supplement industry will do anything to try and make their product stand out, even if it means false, outlandish claims about their products. Many will  add terms such as TEST, BOL, ANA, TREN, CLEN, DECA,...

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What supplements do the world’s elite sporting teams use?

Take away points. Many of the world's best teams and athletes won't use the supplement brands they are sponsored by. Sporting teams will have their own custom blended supplements for their athletes that you can't buy in stores.  Why? Because each athlete and team want...

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