Josh is a professional Enduro Mountain Bike racer currently racing the Enduro World Series. Enduro racing is a whole day of racing broken up into stages. Each stage is a physically demanding timed downhill run lasting around 3-12 minutes with a “transfer” stage across to the next timed run. One very fast and tough sport!

Swift started working with Josh as he wanted to align with a brand that was as dedicated to making high quality supplements as he was to his training and racing.

One very important aspect to Josh was the 3rd party testing as he is a drug tested athlete. Josh is currently in Australia between races and heading off to Canada for the next World Enduro race.

I am really proud to be able to support such a likeable and determined athlete.

Lets take a look into Josh’s current training program


AM: Super chilled roadie coffee ride of less than 60mins.

PM: Yoga session in the afternoon for mental and physical recovery.


AM: 90min Gym Session + Rowing intervals (currently short, power sprints with even ratio of sprint to rest)

PM: MTB for around 3 hours. Focusing on, holding momentum, cornering and technical skills. Multiple downhill runs.


AM: Big MTB ride over 5 hours. (Long descents and long hours.)


AM: Gym 60-90mins

PM: 3 hour MTB ride with focus on sprint intervals and race simulation runs on the downhill tracks.


AM: Easy recovery spin road cycle for 90mins

PM:Recovery/ Yoga/ Rest


AM: Mountain bike ride 3 hours

PM: Motocross cross training. 5-6 x 10min moto (rides)


AM: 5+ hour Mountain bike ride.

What does Josh focus on during his rides?

Enduro racing requires immense skill to navigate the steep technical rock gardens, changing conditions of the track (mud/sand/hard dirt) and high speeds.

Josh likes to try and ride different types of tracks as much as possible so he can continue to improve.

One of the most important skills is corner speed. There are more corners on each track than any other obstacle so Josh puts a lot of time into cornering practice when out on his rides.

Strength and Conditioning

Josh’s current training in the gym revolves around the big lift movements such as the squat and deadlift. After a phase of strength training, lifting heavy with low repetitions, Josh is now focusing more on power. Heavy, explosive squats, power cleans, pressing and pulling movements with some accessory single leg exercises make the base of his gym program.

You won’t see him wasting time doing endless sit ups and “core” training as lifting fast and heavy is a major part of training trunk stability.

Being strong on the bike for both technical sections and sprint sections of the race will make sure he can get an advantage over his competition.

How Josh uses his Swift Supplements


“After switching protein powders to ReCharge the first thing it noticed was how easily I digested it. No bloat or any other issues. The second thing I noticed after about 2 weeks of use is I am much less sore after my hard rides and races. A bonus is that the HoneyComb tastes amazing too!

Josh Carlson – Factory Giant World Enduro Mountain Bike Racer.


“The is the perfect supplement for my sport. I feel I can sit on the limit for longer, recover faster between sprints enabling me to push hard without hitting my red zone.”

Josh Carlson – Factory Giant World Enduro Mountain Bike Racer.


“I ride and race all day, usually in fairly hot conditions. I have found using HydraCharge I don’t get cramps after a long day racing and I keep my energy and focus up all day without a crash. Hydration is key and I use a scoop of HydraCharge in my drink bottle every time I’m on the bike”

Josh Carlson – Factory Giant World Enduro Mountain Bike Racer.

Josh has a solid program built on previous experience and expert advice. He is also one of the nicest athletes out there and we can’t wait to see him race in Canada!

You can follow Josh on Instagram at @joshcarlson__

Get the supplements that Josh uses here!

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