Lilly is an elite 400m runner from Tasmania who now trains on the Gold Coast with coach Brett Robinson at the Vikings Athletics Squad. Lilly does her strength and conditioning at Momentum Sports in Burleigh Heads and her recovery sessions at Rigs Recovery in Bundall.

Swift started working with Lilly because every protein supplement she had ever tired gave her serious stomach upsets and bloating. Lilly contacted me to see if I had a solution. I sent some samples up to test of both ReCharge and ReCharge Plant Formula. To Lilly’s amazement both proteins settled really well on her stomach! Why? Simple. I only use the highest quality ingredients in my supplements.

I am really proud to be able to support such a positive and determined athlete.

Let’s take a look into her program!


AM – upper body strength session

PM – aerobic session: track as below


AM – water session: swim 500m laps; water running – 6 x 45 seconds on 15 seconds

rest, 6 x 30 seconds on 10 second’s rest, 6 x 45 seconds on 15 seconds rest; swim

500m laps.

PM – Speed program: track session as below

PM – strength and conditioning at Momentum Sports (program listed below)

PM – Recovery: water therapy @ Rigs Recovery


AM – curve session as below

PM – Physio for shin & knee rehab


AM – Race modelling: track session as listed below

PM – strength and conditioning at Momentum Sports (program listed below)


AM – grass hills 8 x 200m walk back

PM – Water Running: Arms: 8 x 6s on 1.30min Full body: 10 x 10s on 1min


AM – Aerobic session: track as listed below

AM – Strength and conditioning at Momentum Sports

AM – recovery: water therapy + boots @ Rigs Recovery


AM – Pilates reformer PT

Aerobic Track Session Example

Warm up/activation

  • Mini-bands
  • Hurdle drills
  • Warm up run
  • 5 x 15m ankling
  • Ankles/calf/knee warm up drill

Session: Aerobic Strength

3 X 150m, 200m, 250m & 300m @ 85% every 3min

Warm down

Strength and Conditioning

Training out of Momentum Sports in Burleigh Heads, Lilly is currently focusing on increasing her strength and power with a focus on posterior chain and hingeing movements such as power cleans and deadlifts.

The aim is build a strong strength base to increase Lilly’s power that will translate to improved acceleration out of the blocks and get to peak speeds faster, and hold that speed for the duration of the 400m.

Lilly’s training will progress through each program, becoming more specific to her key 400m event during the season.

A special thanks to Wade from Momentum Sports on the Gold Coast for giving us an insight into Lilly’s Program.

How Lilly uses her Swift Supplements

ReCharge Plant Formula

“For the fist time ever, ReCharge has allowed me to satisfy my recovery needs post training without the digestive upset I would usually experience. Love using this after each training session!”

Lilly Castle 400m Sprinter – Vikings Athletics


“This product has become essential in my 400m training regime. I feel I can train harder for longer and it reduces my fatigue levels during training and on race day”

Lilly Castle 400m Sprinter – Vikings Athletics

It’s great to see Lilly has a really solid program and team around her and I can’t wait to watch her race this season!

You can follow Lilly on Instagram at @lillycastle

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