Anabolic Steroid Like Names Used For Supplements


The supplement industry will do anything to try and make their product stand out, even if it means false, outlandish claims about their products.

Many will  add terms such as TEST, BOL, ANA, TREN, CLEN, DECA, T-BOL, HALO, GH, IGF to try and relate their products to the corresponding anabolic steroids and hormones, Testosterone, Dianabol, Anavar, Trenbolone, Clenbuterol, Decaduranabol, Halostein, Growth hormone, Insulin Like Growth Factor 1. For example, they might look like this. “CreaBol”, “TestoJacked”, “GH-Pro”, ” C-Testo” “Halo”, “BCAA-Drol”

So with all these anabolic like names, what’s actually in these products? Mostly just cheap amino acids and creatine that in no way will get even close to the results of their apparent name sakes. It’s all just marketing to make the consumer think they are getting a legal steroid alternative

Some of these products are particularly dangerous as they walk the fine line between banned substance and legal substance OR will actually use steroids, sometimes causing greater health risks that can be even greater than the injectable steroid they are named after.

Any brand that tries this type of marketing is not to be trusted especially if you are a competing athlete under the WADA code so be very cautious.


Jarah Breese BAppSc (Ex&SpS) MSc High Performance Science